Veikkola, Navalan lato
Valokuvaaja: Mikael Ståhle


“Thank you! You two went wayy above and beyond in making this the perfect day for us. I bet this wedding was one of the hardest ones to run, and you did it perfectly.
You were like magic ninjas – I remember people asking me for something and then I’d turn around and it suddenly appeared on the table! Even doing things that probably wasn’t in the job description and announcing everything when nobody from the bridal party felt comfortable being the master of ceremonies…and making a good flow to the whole day that comes from being super smart and having lots of experience. Then handling all the unexpected drama during the evening! That’s just the tip of the iceberg of everything that you did… I even noticed small tiny things that you did that you didn’t even need to do, but you did it anyway to make things better, even if most people wouldn’t notice the small thing.
People kept complimenting me for organizing the day and I was like, nope these wedding planners did everything and had really good advice when I had bad ideas. Hire them for your next party!”